ring by jewellery designer Jaime Moreno
TOURMALINE FLOWER - The ring symbolizes a bouquet of small calla lilly flowers, from whose center a big pink tourmaline flower rises, surrounded by small leaves. The diamond crown represents the frost after a cold night. Pink tourmaline from Afghanistan and diamonds, 18kt rose and white gold - INHORGENTA AWARD 2020, FINALIST BEST PIECE OF JEWELRY
jewellery by world luxury jeweller Jaime Moreno
BUCEPHALUS. A marvelous natural boulder opal from Queensland (Australia). Sculped on both sides in a horse head carving made in Idar-Oberstain as a museum piece of the 70´s. Unique piece very valued by collectionists. Boulder Opal of Queensland (Australia) and diamonds, 18kt white gold
pendant by world luxury jeweller Jaime Moreno
MIRROR, this exceptional quartz crystal pendant with inlays of rutile resembling gold threads in its interior, represents the glass of a mirror and its reflections. The piece that carries the black diamonds plays a sort of frame elegantly and gracefully. Rutile quartz, black diamonds, pearls and 18k yellow gold
earrings by world luxury jeweller Jaime Moreno
Captivated by the magical feeling of a rainy afternoon and seeing how raindrops slip on the window. Topaz, onyx, diamonds, 18kt white gold
ring by jewellery designer Jaime Moreno
GONDOLA. The gentle beauty of a romantic trip in a Venetian gondola heading for a dreamy sunset. Coral, rubies and pink sapphires, 18kt rose gold
ring by by jewellery designer Jaime Moreno
The blue topazes represent the soul of two people united by the friendship. They both reflect their spirituality and the depths of their souls. Ring part of the Friendship Collection
bracelet by world luxury jeweller Jaime Moreno
PRINCESS bracelet creates a statement jewel in its 18 kt rose gold with a gorgeous bicolor tourmaline, tsavorites and watermelon tourmalines
world luxury jewellery designer Jaime Moreno


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