Tube, rectangle, wedge. One form infinitely repeated: robust bowls, remarkable jewelry, fluidly adjusting to neck or wrist. Following the smallest movement, stirring the imagination. Skin as if scaled, sculptural its form. Graceful in spite of the severe ordering.


When working on the Facet series Salima Thakker looked for more refined movements, dimensions, materials. Poetical combinations of delicate gold and brilliant cut diamonds, of modernization and tradition. Occasionally there are more stiff forms: a ring made of perforated precious metal: beautifully stylized teardrop.

earrings from world luxury jeweller Salima Thakker

Many-sided oeuvre. A keen eye for detail, skilled craftsmanship. Her work shows love for the technical side of her trade. Designing, working straight from the material, she cuts, bends, transforms. Looking for boundaries, her own, from the material. Continuous innovation.

© Salima Thakker

Salima Thakker – *1975, has her own store in Antwerp – her work is to be found in gallery- and museum collections worldwide. Text M.H. van Duyn, art historian.