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The platform of World Luxury Jewellers (WLJ) takes the privacy of the personal information provided by visitors, partners and stakeholders very seriously and will use this information only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.
WLJ will not sell or rent any personally identifiable information or customers’ lists to third parties. However, as described in more detail here below, there are limited circumstances in which some of the visitors’ information will be shared with third parties, under strict conditions. It is important to review this Privacy Policy. It applies to all services that are hosted on the website and related websites. If the visitor uses this website and its services, he agrees to accept the provisions of this Privacy Policy. By applying for any of the services offered through the WLJ website, the visitor expressly consents to our use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.
This privacy policy may be changed. It is useful for the visitor to check when personal data has been submitted. New information is available on this web page. 
The website of World Luxury Jewellers includes links to third party websites. WLJ is not be responsible or liable for the privacy practices of third party websites. The use of these websites is at risk of every visitor.

Will World Luxury Jewellers share the personal information of visitors, partners and stakeholders?
WLJ will not share the information of visitors, subscribers, partners and stakeholders and we will keep it confidential. The only exception is when disclosure may be required or permitted by law.

Which information will WLJ collect?
WLJ will collect personal details appropriate to the service the visitor choose to sign up to.
Regarding the newsletters, the visitor will be asked to register his name and email details. A link to unsubscribe and to manage the contact details will always be provided within the newsletters.
Statistics about visits to the WLJ website based on IP address will be collected. Every visitor has a unique IP number, which identifies a unique computer or network device on the internet. This collected information will help WLJ to understand the preferences of visitors and develop the services of the website. This information will never be used to identify the visitor as an individual person. WLJ guarantees the anonymity of every visitor.
WLJ site will use cookies in the near future to enhance the browsing experience. These cookies are small pieces of information saved by the visitors’ browser onto his computer. Cookies are used to remember various aspects of the visitors’ visit. This is very useful for WLJ to guarantee a consistent and uninterrupted experience for the visitor. These cookies will never be used by WLJ to save personal information for third parties. The visitor will always has the ability to reject the cookies. The browser of every computer provides the instructions to proceed for rejection. If the visitor rejects the cookies, it will not affect his experience ability, but will prevent WLJ to customize the platform to its preferences. The use of Cookies on WLJ will be informed to every new visitor in advance.

The personal information which will be stored and processed on the WLJ computers is in accordance with European laws and in coordination of the Belgian Privacy Act of 8 December 1992. World Luxury Jewellers will hold and transmit the personal information in a safe, confidential and secure environment. Although, none Internet transmission is ever full secured or error-free, with emphasis on any e-mail traffic from or to websites. If the visitor objects to his personal information being transferred or used as described in this Privacy Policy, WLJ advices not to register for the WLJ services.
Under the Data Privacy Act, the visitor could always make a formal request for information about any personal information WLJ is holding about him.
World Luxury Jewellers keeps the information it holds about the visitor accurate and up-to-date. For any wish to update or amend any information kept by WLJ, or for any error or inaccuracies, WLJ advices the visitor to contact.

When could the visitor be contacted?  
World Luxury Jewellers may contact the visitor for marketing purposes where the visitor has specifically agreed to. This contact could also be in relationship to the functioning of any service to which has been signed up.  World Luxury Jewellers could also send surveys about its website and services, to which the visitor could participate voluntarily.  All information gathered through surveys will be compiled on an aggregated basis and will not identify the individual respondent unless the visitor has agreed differently. If the visitor doesn’t want to receive any more marketing information from World Luxury Jewellers, even if he had receiving such information in the past, he can ask WLJ to stop at any time.

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