The Emerald and its most wonderful green.


- January 2017 -

Emerald is by no means the most expensive gem to be found among the varieties of beryl. Its green colour speaks to the imagination and is certainly the most beautiful and intense green ever created by nature.


emeraldFor top quality emeralds their value could even surpass the value of diamonds. The emerald is also a variety of Beryl, just like Aquamarine is. Most valuable emeralds are from Colombia, while the oldest emeralds are originated from Zimbabwe. Other gemstones are mined in Zambia, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Russia. The emerald is a very sensitive gemstone due to its fractions and inclusions. It is advised to put of an emerald ring when the wearer is coming in contact with detergents or special cleaning products.


The first emeralds were discovered during the Pharaonic period in Egypt. These mines were later better known as the Cleopatra mines, but were very quickly exhausted. Shaped in their natural form these precious gemstones were very fashionable for necklaces and bracelets during the Roman times. The Colombian emeralds were already popular during the pre-Colombian period, where emeralds were mined in Muzo and Chivor. The Indian Maharajas were fascinated by the green gemstone and wore them abundantly, due to its beneficial characteristics.


emerald ring by luxury jeweller Joke QuickThe colour of the gemstone has also its signification: the holly Islamic colour green, makes the emerald desirable in the Middle East and beyond. But also for the Catholic Church, green is symbol of most pure and elementary colour. Exceptional and contrarily to other gemstones, inclusions are tolerated in the gemstone as a proof of origin and only if they are balanced. These inclusions are called “jardin“, and can even upgrade the value of the gemstone if they are indicating an origin as those from Colombia. The “jardin” is only valuable to the gemstone if it is not too predominant, fading the transparency or disturbing the intense green colour.

Emeralds are reacting very sensitively to inappropriate cleaning. Never clean your emerald ring yourself in an ultrasonic bath. If the green colour of the Beryl is too pale, the stone is not an emerald but a green Beryl and much less valuable. The difference is sometimes difficult to establish for consumers. The best advice is to ask more information at your retailer.


Picture ring ©Joke Quick. Text ©World Luxury Jewellers



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