master jeweller of lost ancestral Japanese technics

- Februari 2016 -

Julien Gaillard brooch


Gaillard Lucien (1861-1942) was a Parisian jeweller and enameller. He succeeded in 1892 to the jewellery business, started by his grandfather Amédée Gaillard in 1811. During his first years he specialised in different jewellers' techniques.



Julien Gaillard combLater, around 1900 he became more interested in the Art Nouveau style under the influence of his friends, René Lalique and Henri Vever, other famous jewellers. Just like other jewellers in the Art Nouveau period he worked with alternative materials as ivory and horn, exotic woods and fine gemstones. He also decorated jewellery pieces with enamel, especially with pique-à-jour. He was also interested in the Japanese techniques. He even recruited more than 60 engravers and enamellers from Tokyo. His inspiration source was nature and his combs were very famous. His Art Nouveau jewellery style is typically French in design but made with unknown Japanese goldsmith techniques.


Introduction picture & picture 1: PD - Comb in the form of 2 dragonflies, Paris, c.1904 - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Picture 2: PD - Horn and silver hair comb, Paris, c. 1902-06 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.
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