hanger of opal gemstones by jewellers martin spreng

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With 30 years of collaboration in the contemporary furnishing group, Xylos as sculptor and cabinet-maker, Martin Spreng knows what drew him to fine jewellery. It wasn't a radical rupture, but rather a natural progression of the same passion for The Matter: exploring its limitless variations, mastering a creation from the first spark of inspiration to the very last detail... but also, the dialogue with his bespoke clientele. Selected by various galleries, Martin Spreng's creations sit next to those of the most renowned contemporary jewellery designers, distinctively reflecting his career path and maturity.

necklace by jewellers, martin spreng

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The Matter, above all! Martin Spreng has always been guided by the Matter's movement, whether the grain of wood or the structure of a gem. Systematically embracing their uniqueness - and even flaws - he simply went from the largest of surfaces to the tiniest of facets...  It is the Matter that speaks, and its language is enhanced by his very inspired associations: wood and silver, gold, pearls and gems with inclusions, specific effects, their fusion with metals...

earrings with fire opals by martin spreng

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He admits to getting a bit carried away by exuberance and profusion, undoubtedly influenced by his father's richly coloured paintings. By bringing various materials into the mix and then uniting them with finely hammered or chiselled décors, he magnifies every hue, lustre and texture.

Intricately crafted with a love for detail and the interaction of materials, his jewellery - although not figurative - conjures up images of moonscapes and constellations. Mr Spreng not only generates unexpected shapes and textures, he reinvents the very treatment of surfaces: a fusion of woodworking and fine jewellery techniques. Crater-like depressions and meteor-like bubbles dance over surfaces of different colour/aspect, precious gems alight here and there....  making each piece like a galaxy in itself.

Martin Spreng is aware of the lengthy maturation process of each creation. A sort of 'slow jewellery' where movements emerge, variations develop and serendipity - far from being unwelcome - participates in the coherence of piece after piece of inimitable connoisseur jewellery.

Braclelet by jewellers Martin Spreng

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Elements: Wood, Metal, Stone
Resonance with other arts or techniques: Painting & Sculpture
His jewellery in a word: Cosmic
Creations since: 2006

text and pictures © Martin Spreng