This French jeweller creates precious rings inspired by his rich imaginary world, finding in its nature-inspired, baroque atmosphere the means to transform rare stones into objects of beauty.

diamond and sapphire ring by Benoit Noury

Benoît Noury’s jewellery evokes subtle landscapes painted with the colours of precious stones: taking the green and orange of tsavorite and spessartine, pink from tourmaline or spinel and gold from chrysoberyl, he transforms these hues into rings that are as precious as the materials that provide his means of expression. “The white of diamonds is also an essential element, but rubies, sapphires and emeralds are not part of my artistic vocabulary. It’s a question of feeling and of what you love. I prefer warm colours. That’s how I manage to create something unexpected”, explains the jeweller and gemologist, who heads to Sri Lanka or Thailand in search of the raw materials he needs.

emerald and diamond ring by world luxury jeweller benoit Noury

© Benoît Noury

When we ask him about his sources of inspiration, Benoît Noury first talks about a ring his mother used to wear: “It is a part of me; her ring inspired a collection that revisited the 1940s. However, there are other imaginary worlds within me that gave birth to collections such as Le Monde marin and Les Florales. My rings are based on imagined and imaginary shapes taken from nature and can be seen as a concentration of beauty. Each ring is a work of art in its own right.” The results convey a neo-baroque spirit with a rococo vibe that is reminiscent of Christian Lacroix’s elegantly whimsical jewellery.

This self-taught artist, for whom individuality is important, creates his wonders in a shop/workshop in the centre of Angers (France). He will be presenting his collections at MAISON&OBJET ASIA in Singapore for the first time (in the Ateliers d’Art de France pavilion). “This is a luxury homeware and design trade show, but I am drawn to all things beautiful and I want to develop awareness of what I do. Singapore could be both a source of inspiration and support me in my work. In my relationship with my clients, the key factors are intuition and personal relationships. I listen to what people have to say and make objects that reflect their personality, whilst also resembling me.” The show will be the perfect opportunity for this ‘outsider’ to unveil the prototype of Happy One, a unique piece with a minimalistic design.

© Benoît Noury