Empress Sissi, a jewellery trend setter

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- March 2016 -

Some are fashion divas and others are jewellery trend setters. Empress Sissi was one of them to launch the fashion of star jewellery.


Empress Sissi, trendsetter of jewellery Empress Elizabeth of Austria – or Empress Sissi - married the Emperor François-Joseph who was madly in love with her in 1854, at the age of sixteen. She rapidly felt uncomfortable with the strict rules of the Court and sheltered herself in solitude. Although her fashion style and beauty were legendary. When she met the Shah of Persia, he exclaimed “My God, she’s beautiful...She’s the most adorable woman I’ve ever seen...Such dignity! Such a laugh! Such goodness! If I come back, it would be just to see her again..! She even started a fashion of jewellery in the shape of stars.


Empress Sissi wearing the star jewelleryThe inspiration for stars came when the Empress spent an evening at the opera. During the performance of Mozart’s “Magic Flute”, the Empress was dazzled by the Queen of the Nights’ dress which was covered in countless stars. After the performance, Emperor Franz Joseph ordered Köchert, the court jeweller, to make a star for his wife to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Sissi went on to possess 27 stars. After her son’s death she lost the will to live and rarely wore her star jewellery again. She gave them to her ladies in waiting. Unfortunately, only a few original star jewels from Empress Elizabeth survived.


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